6 Energy Efficiency Upgrades For Replacement Windows

6 Energy Efficiency Upgrades for your replacement windows in Winnipeg

Shopping for new windows can be exciting but after researching the web for a couple of hours you can easily get exhausted by the amount of information that is available to you. We will explain six different energy efficiency upgrades that you can make to increase the Energy Star rating of your new windows in Winnipeg Manitoba.


6 Energy Efficiency Upgrades For Replacement Windows

Number of panes in your window

Double pane windows are energy efficient but they may not be the best option in our cold Manitoba winters. The biggest problem with double pane windows is that the insulated sealed unit is not thick enough to significantly stop the cold. Today, most companies offer triple pane windows which can significantly increase the energy efficiency rating of your windows.

For example, a typical double pane casement window in Winnipeg has an Energy Star rating of about 28 and a triple pane casement window has an Energy Star rating of 36.

Also, the thickness of the sealed unit of a double pane window is on average about 7/8 inches and the thickness of a triple pane window is about 1 ¼ inches. Triple pane casement window, awning or picture window provide superior energy efficiency compared to double pane windows.

Spacers between the sealed units

The spacer is what separates multiple panes of glasses and maintains a certain distance between them. There are different types of spacers available in the market but the most popular of them are stainless-steel spacers and foam based Super spacers. There are advantages in both of them.

The stainless-steel spacers are extremely durable and long-lasting. It is usually used for very large windows with thick glasses. The downside to the stainless-steel is that it is a thermally conductive material and usually causes a lot of condensation at – 40 C degree temperature.

Super spacers almost completely solve the issue of condensation because they are based on foam, and as such they are not as thermally conductive as steel. Super spacers are an ideal choice for small to medium sized windows and perfect for almost all residential window replacements in places like Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Gas between the panes

One of the most important energy upgrades is the gas that is used inside your sealed unit. Normally, there are three types of gas that is used inside the glass sealed unit.

  1. Argon
  2. Krypton
  3. Regular air

The argon gas is by far the most popular due to its affordable price and availability. Krypton gas provides even better thermal insulation; however, its cost is so high that the benefit of upgrading to krypton gas rarely exceeds its cost.  And the least expensive and the least effective insulating gas is air.

Each triple pane window sealed unit has 2 chambers. By default, most manufacturers only fill up the first chamber of the windows with argon gas and leave the second chamber with only air.

Windows with single argon gas are still Energy Star rated but they are not as efficient as windows with double argon gas. Arctic Star Windows is one of the few window installers in Winnipeg who offers double argon gas in Manitoba market.

Lo-e Coating

Lo-e coating is a microscopically thin, barely visible colorless coating which lets most natural light enter your home and does not let the trapped heat inside the home escape back.

There are many types of lo-e coatings that are available in the market, however the most relevant coating for Manitoba is the one that lets in a lot of sunlight and reflects back the internal long-wave heat energy. At Arctic Star windows, we offer our clients double lo-e coating to maximize your window’s energy efficiency rating and save you more money on your Manitoba Hydro bills.

The style of the window

The style of the window is very important in determining the energy efficiency of your windows. The most energy efficient window is undoubtedly the one that does not open at all.

There are two types of windows that a are fixed: picture window and fixed casement window. While both of them are super energy efficient, the picture window is roughly 10% more energy efficient than fixed casement.

The next in ranking are casement windows and awning windows. They both rank very well and provide excellent energy efficiency thanks to their triple compression seal features that lets the sash of the window compress against the frame and seal perfectly. The last in energy rating are sliding windows. Even though they rank last, sliding windows such as hung and tilt-in sliders are still good and have decent Energy Star rating results.

Weather stripping

Weather stripping is a technique used to seal gaps around windows, doors, and other openings in a building to prevent drafts, air leakage, and moisture infiltration.

It plays a crucial role in improving energy efficiency by reducing the amount of conditioned (heated or cooled) indoor air that escapes and unconditioned outdoor air that enters. Properly installed weatherstripping can help maintain a more comfortable indoor environment, enhance energy savings, and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Weather stripping provides several benefits, including energy-efficiency, comfort, noise reduction, reduced bills, etc.

Window installers in Winnipeg and surrounding area

Of course, the most important energy efficiency upgrade in your window is how you install it. You may have the most energy efficient window, however, if it is not installed properly then your investment will be made in vain.

There are many professional window installers in Winnipeg and Arctic Star Windows is one of the top window installation companies in Winnipeg and surrounding areas who can take on your project and professionally install your windows in a short period of time. Our installers have more than 10 years of experience in windows and doors installation in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We accurately and diligently apply proper amount of insulating foam around the frame of the installed windows. We also carefully silicone your newly installed windows and doors from the outside to protect it from the weather elements.


You now know what you need to be looking for in your new replacement windows. Make sure you upgrade all your windows to get the best results in your Manitoba Hydro bills and other rebates. At Arctic Star Windows, we can help you achieve your  goals by giving you free consultations. Contact us today for your free in-home estimate.