Window Prices in Winnipeg: Cost of replacing windows

Prices to replace your windows in Winnipeg

There are many factors that determine the price of the window. However, here are some market averages for Winnipeg and surrounding areas:

  • Casement window prices start from $500 and go up to $1400
  • Awning windows start from $550 and go up to $1400
  • Single and double sliders start from $450 and go up to $1200
  • Single hung and double hung windows range from around $500 an $1250
  • Bow window prices star from $1800 and go up to $4500
  • Bay windows usually range from $2900 up to $5200
  • A standard sliding patio cost costs between $1650 to $3500
  • A custom triple pane patio door costs between $2200 to $4900

Type of installation:

There are two types of installation: Retrofit and Full Frame

Retrofit Installation

This method of installation involves removing the glass section of the existing window and installing a new window on top of the existing frame.

Full Frame Installation

Full Frame installation involves removing existing window with its corresponding frame and installing a new window in the rough opening of the wall. We prefer this method of installation because it provides a complete replacement of the window as opposed to partially replacing a window.

The price difference between full frame and retrofit installation is about 10 – 20% with full frame being more expensive.

Other Considerations that affect window prices in Manitoba

Interior Finish

The choice of interior finish and trim have about 5 to 10% effect on the cost of your replacement window.
Primed wood jambs and casings are cheapest options and vinyl jambs or foam based cellular PVC jambs are more expensive.

Double Pane and Triple pane windows

Triple pane windows cost about 10 – 15% more expensive than double pane. However, triple have have better Energy Star rating and provide better thermal insulation for your home.

Argon and Lo-E coating

Generally, all windows come loaded with argon in the 1st chamber of triple pane window and 1 lo-e coating.

You have an option to add argon gas in both chambers of your triple pane window and also add 2 lo-e coatings to increase the energy efficiency of your window. This option will likely add 10-20% more to your total cost.

Window installers or window installation company

The installers you chose will vastly affect your window replacement price. It is always wise to have at least 3 different quotes from window installation companies to compare and come to an informed decision.

Window installation price calculator

Now you can calculate your window replacement cost in 5 easy steps. Get a price estimate on your replacement windows in Winnipeg.


Your price will depend on many factors. No matter what company you chose, you have to make sure you get a good customer service, and outstanding installation service, and most importantly an Energy Star Most Efficient rated windows. At the end of the day, your windows have to be worth the money you spend.

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