What You Need to Know Before Buying Windows in Winnipeg

What You Need to Know Before Buying Windows in Winnipeg

There’s no question that windows are an essential part of any home. Not only do they provide a view of the outside world, but they also play a vital role in regulating temperature and letting in natural light. Windows are typically constructed with the rest of the house, and if you moved into a previously built home, old windows usually drag down the house’s appeal. It’s no surprise that windows are one of the considerable investments if you want to give your home a nice uplift.

But before you go on a wild hunt for the best windows in Winnipeg, take a moment to research what you need. Planning will help you avoid any headaches in the future. After all, good windows should last you a lifetime.

New Windows vs. Replacement Windows

You’d have to choose between new and replacement windows when deciding to replace a window. If you want to change the shape or size of an existing window, you’re better off getting a new one. This is also the best choice if the current window frame is broken, old, or worn out. New windows cost almost the same as replacement windows, but you need to spend more on contractual labor, so their overall cost increases.

If the existing window frames or sash are still in good condition and you don’t want to change them, then replacement windows are the answer. They are also the best choice if you love the existing trim and the overall design already complements your house’s decoration.

Replacement windows are designed to slide right into an existing opening and attach to the existing frames. Because they’re relatively easier to install, you don’t need to pay for extra labor. They can come in stock sizes, or you can request custom ones.

Types of Windows

Windows come in various styles and materials. Some popular window styles are hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, and slider windows. Hung windows open by sliding up or down. A single-hung window slides from bottom to top, while a double-hung window slides in either direction.

Casement windows are hinged vertically and swing out using a lever. Awning windows open by tilting the window from the bottom while slider windows slide from side to side. Aside from aesthetics, these window styles serve different functions.

Windows can be made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and other combinations. Wood is known for creating beautiful windows that are good insulators. However, they are costly to maintain. Vinyl is more popular because it’s easy to maintain and budget-friendly. Fiberglass windows are very durable, while aluminum windows offer design flexibility. If you choose these frames, they can be filled with foams for extra insulation and durability.

Window glass has significantly innovated thanks to technology. You can now choose from double, triple, or quadruple-pane glass. You can even decide how far apart the panes are. The air trapped between panes provides added insulation, and most glass manufacturers use argon, an inert gas with better insulation properties than the usual air.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows in Winnipeg

How windows look is not the mere deciding factor when buying new ones. You should also look at other criteria like window quality, maintenance, window warranties, energy efficiency ratings, and manufacturer reputation.

  • While cost is always a consideration, balance it with quality windows. You get what you pay for, but not all top-quality windows are pricey.
  • Choose a window that’s easy to clean and maintain. Most modern windows require very little maintenance, but you should still ensure you can clean them properly to prolong their life.
  • Carefully examine window warranties to know what’s covered and how you can claim their services. A reputable company with a good track record can be trusted to be around for a long time.
  • Only work with accredited and certified window installers. If you select a reputable window company, they will have experienced technicians to handle window installations.
  • Know the values on the Energy Star ratings and choose windows with high scores. ER rating is crucial for windows in Winnipeg because of Canada’s freezing climate. You want windows that can trap heat in winter and keep the house properly insulated.

Choosing the Best Window Companies in Winnipeg

Canada is notorious for cold winters. You want windows that can keep your home warm throughout. When looking for the best window companies in Winnipeg, look at their certifications and reputation. It’s best if they have a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Certified Windows, indicating that their windows have passed rigorous tests to ensure their quality.

Canada also gives incentives and rebates to homeowners who switch to sustainable and energy-efficient windows. The Canada Greener Homes Grant gives up to $5000 for qualified windows, while Efficiency Manitoba gives up to $1000. Both grants look for a high ER rating, with Efficiency Manitoba requiring triple pane windows.

You’d also want to work with a company with a reputation for good customer service and after-sales support. Read online reviews, ask your neighbors and friends, and visit the company’s showroom if there’s one. Before deciding on a window company, compare several to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Arctic Windows: Providing the Best Windows in Winnipeg

Arctic Windows is a professional team of experts providing quality doors and windows to residents in Winnipeg.  Our window installation services are guaranteed to keep your home energy efficient, resulting in cost savings and better insulation.

We offer a lifetime warranty for all our products and can customize windows that suit your house perfectly. Our windows are tightly sealed, and we use argon and krypton gas between panes to ensure there’s no leakage. We’ve built our windows using top-quality materials to ensure they last a long time.

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It’s time to enjoy a warmer home. Let us handle your replacement window projects so you can have a more comfortable house that’s still stylish.