5 Key Indicators of Quality Services for Windows in Winnipeg

Windows can not only make your home more attractive—they can also help make it more energy efficient, secure, and comfortable. So, when shopping for windows in Winnipeg, make sure to find first-rate windows. Moreover, account for the quality of service you can obtain from the company you’re buying them from.Below are fivefactorsto consider when looking for quality window services in Winnipeg.

What to Look for When Finding Top-Notch Services for Windows in Winnipeg

Offers Different Design Options

Windows shouldn’t be drab. In fact, they can be used to showcase your personality. When it comes to finding quality services for windows in Winnipeg,look for a company that offers a wide array of design options. At Arctic Star, wecarry a variety of colors and finishes for your windows. Aside from a wealth of color and finish options, we also have a selection of handles and levers, as well as glass finishes and grille types to complement your home’s unique style.

Can’t find a window to suit your needs? We’ll be more than happy to create custom-shaped windows for your home. From trapezoid windows to half-round windows, we’ve got you covered.

Provides a Selection of High-Quality Windows

Substandard windows can quickly become a liability instead of an asset, which is why it’s vital to opt for window services that offer a selection of high-quality windows. Furthermore, just because you’ve saved money on windows and their installation doesn’t mean that you’ll save money in the future. Low-quality windows may require a lot of maintenance and adversely impact you and your family’s well-being.

Our awning windows have been recognized by Energy Star as the Most Efficientin 2023. Designed to be energy efficient, our Made in Canada windows come with unique features such as double and triple glass options, laminated glass options, and the TempSmart Spacer System. The latter helps regulate the amount of heat and cold that goes inside your home, plus absorbs unwanted noise.

We also offer upgrades to take your windows’ energy efficiency to the next level, including a range of Low-E glass types and foam “warmware”, which is designed to make your windows in Winnipeg more durable, airtight, and water-resistant.

Offers a Warranty

A warranty guarantees that you get unmatched quality for your windows in Winnipeg. When searching for quality window services in your locale, ask the provider about the warranty they offer, as well as the terms of the said warranty.

With Arctic Star, we are confident about the quality of our products, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for all our windows and doors.

Has Windows Designed for Your Location

Canada’s extreme weather conditions require windows that are built to withstand the elements. Our windows are designed and built to suit cold climates. Each Arctic Star window features fusion-welded corners for enhanced durability. They’re also equipped with rust-resistant fasteners and hinges that will stand the test of time.

Aside from being designed and built for the Canadian weather, our windows are easy to maintain and ideal forbusy households. One distinct feature of our awning windows, for example, is that they tilt outwards, making cleanups on both sides a breeze. Each window also comes with a triple seal to prevent cold air and water from getting inside your home. This ensures that your home stays comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Positive Customer Reviews

When researching a product or company, checking customer reviews can give you a good idea of the quality of their service and offerings. Reviews also serve as a guide and can influence a potential customer’s final decision.

With that in mind, we at Arctic Star are proud of all the positive feedback that we’ve received on HomeStars and Google from our satisfied clients. As one of Canada’s fastest growing window and door companies, we cover your needs every step of the way, from sales and installation to after service.

Finding High-Quality Window Services and Windows in Winnipeg

Finding quality window services and windows in Winnipeg can be such a challenge for homeowners. At Arctic Star, we’ve made it easier for you to find unparalleled products and services. Aside from providing Canadian homes with exceptional windows, we also take pride in giving you equally excellentcustomer service.

Our team of professionals can give you the upgrade you need without compromising the quality of our workmanship and your budget. Give us a call or drop us a line to get your free quote today.