5 Facts about Arctic Star—Your Best Windows Winnipeg Provider

Extreme weather in Winnipeg requires homeowners and building administrators to have resilient windows. Sturdy frames and hardware that can withstand shifts between cold and warm conditions (and vice versa) are necessary for enjoying comfortable indoor air temperatures throughout the year, no matter what the situation is outside. Moreover, Winnipeg windows with safety features help lower your maintenance expenses by protecting you and your interiors from the effects of draft.

Arctic Star: Why It’s Your Top Option for Windows Winnipeg

When shopping for windows in Winnipeg for a first-time installation or renovation, Arctic Star has an array of styles and designs that can stand up to the city’s broad range of weather conditions. Here are the top five reasons why our windows would suit your Winnipeg property:

1.       They work on any rough opening shape and size.

Arctic Star is a custom manufacturer of awning windows, bow windows, bay windows, casement windows, end vent windows, double lift out slider, double tilt slider, double hung windows, and picture windows. We can customize our products to fit openings of various shapes: circle, half circle, triangle, trapezoid, pentagon, and octagon.

Our work process typically starts with an inspection to assess your window needs. We can then recommend a style that will suit your unique situation. If you already have a concept, our product expert can work out a solution with you.

You also have options for the following aspects of your windows:

  • Frame finish: over 30 colors
  • Jambs: PVC, oak, pine, and primed wood
  • Glass tint: bronze, clear, frosted, grey, glue, rain, sandblasted (acid etched), silvet
  • Window handle and lever colors: black, coppertone metallic, matte black, Tuscan bronze, and white
  • Grill types: woodgrain or painted colonial, contour, and distinct grills

2.       Their components are built to last.

We use rust-resistant and fusion-welded frames, anti-corrosion rollers, secure locking systems, and waterproofing features.

·         Rust-proof materials

Arctic Star’s aluminum frames and brass rollers can endure the wet outdoors without rusting due to their negligible iron content. We also use stainless steel hinges and screws that are designed to last a lifetime.

·         Fusion-welded frame

Fusion welding makes our frames tight and seamless, so you won’t have to worry about misalignment.

·         Secure locking system

Multiple-point locks are available for bay and casement windows, while double lift-out sliders have 180-degree cam locks for your sashes or the parts of your window that open, close, and hold the glass. End vent windows feature both lock types.

·         Water drainage system

Our double-hung and end-vent windows feature water drainage systems, which prevent condensation from leaking inside the house.

3.       They’re cost-effective.

Our windows help you save on heating, cooling, and other expenses in the following ways:

·         Energy Star-rated construction

We only use high-grade local materials for our various window products, which have an Energy Star rating of 40 and higher. Our replacement windows can help you reduce your energy bills by as much as 50%.

  • Triple pane

The triple pane structure of our windows ensures the highest indoor insulation during Manitoba’s winter season. Arctic Star offers an option to use Diamond Premium Glass, which is 33% to 100% thicker than industry standards.

Triple-pane windows keep cool air from escaping outside during the warmer months. You’ll be able to retrieve the high cost of such windows (about 10% to 15% more expensive than double pane units) through energy savings.

  • Argon and krypton gas filling

These dense, slow-moving gases reduce heat transfer, providing higher thermal efficiency than air. Since they’re both colorless gases, visible light can still pass through the panes.

  • “Warmware”

Arctic Star offers an option to inject polyurethane foam into its window frames and sashes to reduce heat loss by an additional 10%. The foam filling also improves sound insulation.

  • Lo-E coating

Lo-E (also Low-E) or low emissivity coating is an extremely thin and invisible film of metallic oxide applied on a glass surface that makes it reflective. As a result, light bounces back to its source, reducing condensation or moisture buildup that can damage your window casing. Your room receives a softer glow from the sun inside instead of a sharp glare. This prevents the UV rays from causing premature fading of your floors, curtains, and other interior furnishings.

·         Easy-to-clean design

Our awning, double tilt slider, double hung, and end vent windows can tilt inwards for easy cleaning. You can also opt for the E-Clean Glass coating, which reacts with sunlight to break down dirt and allows rainwater to hit its surface without leaving droplet marks.

·         Price Calculator availability

To get your estimated rate, you must specify the window type you wish to order, the number of panes, the energy efficiency upgrades (space fillers or glazing) to include, interior trim and finish, and your preferred color.

4.       They enjoy coverage from the Canada Greener Homes Grant program.

Due to our products’ high Energy Star rating, our windows qualify for incentives and rebates, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant, Efficiency Manitoba, and Manitoba Hydro Financing.

5.       Their sales support tree-planting efforts.

Arctic Star is a sustainability advocate. Our company plants a tree on your behalf for each order we install.

For help in setting up windows in Winnipeg, contact Arctic Star today. With a 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau, our company continues to strive for easy and fast but clean and accurate window installation services to help ensure your best quality of life in Winnipeg.