10 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Windows in Winnipeg

Windows add a certain character to your home. Aside from upping your home’s aesthetic appeal, they also help regulate ventilation, filter out unwanted noise, and let in natural light.

But what do we know about windows? These ten facts about windows will shed new light on these all-important fixtures in every home.

10 Facts about Windows You Should Know About

Get ready for some mind-blowing facts about windows that’ll make you appreciate them even more. Note that these facts don’t just focus on windows in Winnipeg but also on windows all over the world, plus their history:

1.       Windows used to be just holes in the wall

A window used to simply be a bare opening in a wall before glass was introduced.Sometimes, these openings were covered using a piece of cloth or wood. The Romans were the first to use glass windows, which came into widespread use in approximately 200 AD.

2.       You can find some famous windows in world-renowned artworks

The world has many famous windows, such as the stained glass windows in the La Sagrada Familia and the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque. However, aside from stained glass windows in physical structures, you can also find some famous windows in paintings. These include the window located in Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window and van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles.

3.       Heat loss through windows and other openings can significantly impact your home’s energy use

According to the NRCan, your windows, doors, and even skylights, can significantly contribute to energy loss of up to 25%, which can impact your energy bills. By switching to energy efficient windows, notablyENERGY STAR-certified windows, you can drastically reduce your home’s energy use. ENERGY STAR-certified windows, for example, are approximately 20% more energy efficient than standard windows.

4.       The first double-glazed windows were developed in the 1930s

Did you know that Charles D. Haven first developed double-glazed windows in the early 1930s? He was an American engineer who used his “Thermopane” system, which had two glass panels instead of a single pane.

5.       One of the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal’s noteworthy features are its stained glass windows

The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal is recognized as Montréal’s mother church. It’s also the first church in Canada to be done in the Gothic Revival style. Aside from its rich history, the basilica is known for its stunning stained glass windows, which feature some of the snippets of the lives of famous parishioners, and key moments of the city’s founding.

6.       One of the world’s oldest stained glass windows can be found in the Canterbury Cathedral

Some of the stained glass windows in the Canterbury Cathedral may be among the world’s oldest stained glass windows, possibly dating as far back as the mid-1100s.

7.       Replacing your windows can add more value to your home

Yes, replacing your windows can be costly, but they offer significant returns to your property. When you replace your windows, you’re enhancing your home’s curb appeal, a factor that plays a role in your property’s value.Aside from boosting your home’s value, switching to energy-efficient windows can also reduce energy use.

8.       Energy-efficient windows have several nifty features

When looking for energy-efficient windows in Winnipeg, you may spot the following features: multi-paned glass, Low-E glass, and gas-infused panes. Arctic Star awning windows have all that and more. They are designed to withstand Canada’s extreme weather conditions.Aside from being energy-efficient and easy to clean—they tilt inwards—our windows have fusion-welded corners, foam “warmware,” triple seals, rust-resistant fasteners and hinges, and are Energy Star certified.

9.       Canada has the Canada Greener Homes Grant for homeowners

The Canada Greener Homes Grant enables eligible homeowners to have more energy-efficient homes. Eligible home retrofits can be awarded grants ranging from $125 to$250 per rough opening, with a maximum grant amounting to $5,000. Window and door retrofits, for instance, such as replacing old windows in Winnipegwith Energy Star-certified windows, may be able to receive up to $5,000.

10.   Efficiency Manitoba has an Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

The Energy Efficiency Assistance Program aims to help eligible homeowners lower their monthly energy bills through subsidized upgrades to make homes more energy efficient. If qualified, you maybe able to receive a $50 rebate for each eligible window or door. Note that aside from your windows in Winnipeg being Energy Star-certified, these need at least triple-pane glass.

Finding Windows in Winnipeg That Are Built for Canadian Weather

Designed to withstand extreme Canadian weather conditions, Arctic Star windows and doors are built to last. These energy-efficient windows in Winnipeg are all designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada, ensuring you get high-quality, durable, and long-lasting windows. Aside from having different options for energy-efficient glass panes, Arctic Star also has several Low-E glass types, including Solar Gain, Solar Shield, and E-Clean, so you can make your home more comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

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